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Skull Works specializes in skull cleaning using Dermestid Beetles.
Using beetles is the best way to clean skulls and is the preferred method
of museums around the world.  There is no damage to the skulls from the beetles as there is with boiling especially the delicate nasal bones. This process may not be the quickest, but it is the best!


My process includes prepping and beetle cleaning the skulls.  I also degrease all of the skulls, which is the longest part of the process. Grease is what turns skulls yellow, and degreasing is the step that many people skip or do not execute correctly. It takes approximately from 3 weeks to 4 months to degrease the skulls properly. After properly degreasing the skull to prevent it from turning yellow, I whiten the skulls using a strong peroxide to complete the process.



I offer a wide range of mounting options for all species including mounting horns on a panel. I also fix skulls that were attempted at home or that have turned yellow due to not being degreased properly.

While others offer to have your skull back in a week and therefore skip many important steps, my process will produce the best results! I guarantee my quality of work, and you will see the difference in the results is worth the wait!

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